Civilian Active Threat Response Presentation

At Mighty Oak, our mission is to empower our audience with knowledge that allows them to be prepared to make critical decisions that will enhance their ability to survive in an active threat scenario. This may be a difficult topic for your employees to discuss, as many people have anxiety during active threat response training. This is why we feel it is important to have our instructors present in person to your organization and its employees versus many training programs today that rely heavily on video training. Our experienced instructors have trained thousands of civilians in active threat response and realize that, as important as the material that we are presenting is, it is just as important to connect with our audience. We strive to not only educate our audience but to also make them feel at ease with this topic so that it is a comfortable learning environment for everyone. Through classroom-style lectures and discussions, video analysis, and small group exercises, Mighty Oak Active Threat Solutions will provide training to keep your organization prepared.

Promoting Safe Spaces | Mighty Oak Active Threat

Promoting Safe Spaces: the Do’s and Don’ts in Active Threat Situations

Understanding how to respond, where to seek shelter, and when to take action empowers individuals to make informed decisions and increase their chances of survival in critical moments of crisis. By familiarizing themselves with proper protocols and strategies, individuals can better protect themselves and others.

Situational Awareness and De-Escalation Strategies

Many times, after an organization has experienced workplace or school violence, people question whether the incident could have been prevented. Mighty Oak’s Strategic Awareness and De-Escalation Strategies presentation provides organizational leadership as well as frontline employees with information to assist them with recognizing potential for violent behavior sooner and reacting accordingly The presentation covers the following material:

  • Goals of situational awareness and communication skills
  • The concept of “intervention vs. immediate action”
  • Indicators of potential violence
  • The importance of sharing information and establishing a multi-divisional/multi-agency approach to threat assessment
  • The concept of “PPT–Policy/Procedure/Training”
  • Strategies to enhance communication with potential problem employees and difficult customers while maintaining your personal safety
  • Deciding when it is time to end communication efforts and seek additional resources

Audience members receive a simple directive to help them navigate potentially difficult situations. Methods of instruction include classroom lecture & discussion, as well as video and case analysis.

Mighty Oak House of Worship Safety Training

The topic of safety and security in a church setting can sometimes be difficult; the mission of the church may seem to conflict with the goals of safety and security. Our training presentation shows churches how those missions and goals can work together to provide a safe worship environment for all.

Jeff Engelbrecht, Mighty Oak’s lead instructor for the House of Worship Safety training, has 27 years of experience as a police officer. As the son of a minister, he was raised in a church environment and gained valuable insight, which gives him a unique perspective when teaching this topic. During this interactive presentation, attendees gain information about the following:
  • Utilizing one simple directive as your guide to balance the safety and efficiency of your church.
  • Goals and objectives of a church safety program
  • Organizing your church safety program
  • Situational awareness and de-escalation strategies
  • Strategies to respond to an active threat

The goals of the church, safety, and security can not only co-exist but enhance one another. Contact us to receive more information and schedule a House of Worship presentation!