Have you ever thought of what you would do if an active shooter appeared or a threat took place when you were at work, in church, at the grocery store, or watching a movie at the theater?  In the United States of America, there is an active shooter incident every four days.  Sadly, it's not a matter of  IF.   It’s a matter of WHEN.  


These occurrences are very unpredictable. The where, who, and why is different in every case. However the shooter's goal is always the same, and the shooter has a plan.


It is a proven fact that preparation increases your chances of survival. I can provide you and your employees with the knowledge and tactics to improve the likelihood of saving your life and, potentially, the lives of others.

Recent Presentations

Oct 11 - 2018 state of Wisconsin SHRM  conference speaker

Oct 8 - 2018 state of Wisconsin Weights and Measures conference key note speaker 

Sept 18 - 2018 state of Wisconsin housing authority conference key note speaker  

"I'm honored to recommend Jedd Bradley to any organization, school or group looking to incorporate active shooter awareness."

- Lisa Horkman, Human Resource Manager, WG&R Furniture

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